Széchenyi Garden Restaurant

The tasty side of the bath and a plate of enjoyment in the City Park!

The City Park has always been a favourite walking and hiking location for the Budapest residents, what else could complete the time spent outdoors than a fantastic lunch or dinner surrounded by cedars and willows.


The Széchenyi Garden Restaurant located in the heart of Budapest, next to the Széchenyi Baths reputable building, and although close to the city centre, but thanks to wonderful panoramic view, it is still far from the schematic downtown basement and the old tenements restaurants. While the restaurant is open during the summer, but at the same time it becomes a covered terrace, in the winter the warm thermal water beneath the casing ensures a pleasant temperature, so the restaurant provides a comfort against the vicissitudes of the weather in all seasons. We can also be a part of the nature and the sparkling during the meal thanks to the panoramic view.


The restaurant was opened in 1927, by Charles Marth immediately after construction of the bath. The restaurant was operating on the name as Ezerjó, and was gathered by the government in 1949, but still remained a popular meeting place among the residents of Pest  - the closeness of the Zoo, the amusement park, the Circus and the bath attracted the guests, who visited the restaurant for the excellent Hungarian cuisine and Hungarian wines, and for a refreshing draft beer and live music. The place was named by Earl István Széchenyi in 1996, in memoriam to his life and work with keeping alive the traditions of the Hungarian restaurants and pubs. Due to the atmosphere of turn of the century which is still specific to interior, spiced with a dash of Hungarian spirit, it gives nostalgic feeling to the restaurant. We stick to this milieu during the preparation of our menu offer: the traditional Hungarian cuisine, but same time neither the international cuisine specialties are missing. Our chef Balázs Gyimes ensures us the excellent raw materials and individual flavors, who uses his experience gained in kitchens of castles, Michelin star restaurants and five star hotels, during the preparation of the delicious dishes. Our restaurant which is capable for simultaneous reception of 110 people, which is ideal place for family or friends gathering, weddings or corporate events, and we try to satisfy the needs of all ages with diversified our programs.


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