Visit of the Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan to Kazakhstan

László Horváth, Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan, participated in the 14th Kazakhstan-European Union Round Table hosted by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr. Olzhas Bektenov. The meeting was attended by the heads of diplomatic missions of the EU Member States and a number of European companies.

In his speech, the Honorary Consul mentioned the Kazakh-Hungarian Fund, highlighting agricultural projects within it. He also mentioned the road toll project, educational opportunities and the possibility for Kazakh students to study in Hungary. In his speech he invited the Kazakh Prime Minister to Karcag.

The Kazakh Prime Minister noted the importance and the need to expand partnership with EU countries in order to develop sustainable infrastructure in the context of the country's continuing difficult flooding situation.

As of today, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan has adopted a concept for the development of the water resources management system. Its implementation will result in a reduction of non-productive losses in water transport. The system for monitoring the condition of irrigated land will be improved and hydraulic facilities will be upgraded to reduce emergency risks.


Source: instagram/primeministerkz


Honorary consulate of Kazakhstan Karcag