Success is our common standard

The educational division of MÁV-REC Railway Engineering Corporation participated as an exhibitor at the Hungarian Railway Conference organized by Hungrail on October 5, 2023.


The organizers gave the company the opportunity to make a comprehensive presentation, which was a great success among those interested.


The head of MÁV-REC's education division, Zsuzsanna Magyar, covered the milestones that are the cornerstones of their professional work in the last presentation of Section II entitled "Development of domestic track vehicle production". Among them, she mentioned the birth of the 2011 NFM regulation and its scope, created in 2013, covering all jobs. It is also an important milestone that the company started training for employees working on the national track network in 2016.


With their services, they are able to provide professional training for all jobs related to rail traffic safety. The company also undertakes to conduct periodical exams and deviation exams anywhere in the country.


To the question, "how to teach young people?" they developed the answer: they prepare digital teaching materials, create electronic training interfaces, their big dream is to use a simulator, to introduce multimedia educational tools on a wider scale. "Railway workers are always connected by professionalism and passion for the railway. From the month of May, the professional qualifications and other trainings that do not fall under the 2011 NFM regulation can also be found in their portfolio. Currently, more than 50 courses are offered to those who want to learn. This number will increase in the future, adapting to the needs of partners. Success is our common standard," Zsuzsanna Magyar concluded her presentation.


After the presentation, the participants had the opportunity for longer, professional discussions at the MÁC-REC exhibitor's stand, where there was great interest in more detailed information and application opportunities both in the field of "railway" and adult education. The company's education division plans to cooperate with as many railway companies as possible, their message is clear: "We train excellent professionals, employees who preserve railway values."