The education division of MÁV-REC has made history

In 2022, a special event took place in the Education Division of MÁV-REC Railway Engineering Corporation Ltd. (hereinafter MÁV-REC Ltd.). At the end of our train driver trainings, for the first time in the life of our company, we were able to inaugurate a young employee of KOMPLEX RAIL Ltd., Viktória Balla. What is the motivation of a young lady to be a heavy rail driver? Well, the person concerned knows the answer best:


“I was about 8 years old when we visited the Museum of Transportation with my parents. There a 004 and Nohab was on display at the front of the museum, which had an accident. I immediately fell in love with the locomotive! As time passed, this “love” did not lose its power. As soon as I had the opportunity, I tried to get to the motor train driver course at MÁV-Start, but unfortunately I failed.

I didn t give up, I studied to be a traffic attendant. During this period, defining experiences were the occasions when I was able to travel by locomotive.

Then came the opportunity, KOMPLEX RAIL Ltd. advertised a job as a train driver. I didn t need more, because that was my desire, so I gave in everything I could.

The training of MÁV-REC Ltd. helped me to realize my dreams. I can only say good things about the course, quality education, with super instructors! The instructors conscientiously passed their knowledge to us. It was a pleasure to go to the training! The transfer of knowledge was also characterized by benevolent rigor, as the railway was not a toy, but  dangerous system.

I have always been a person who, if I set a goal for himself, will not give up until I reach it, whatever difficulty would hinder me. I am indescribably grateful to my family and partner for the support I received from them. They helped me, and didn’t let me give up when I felt hard. It is a wonderful feeling to be proud of me!

I am currently working for KOMPLEX RAIL Ltd. as a train driver. I also got the exam for my beloved locomotive type, my goal was fulfilled, and I can drive the Nohab. I am lucky, because this locomotive is present at KOMPLEX RAIL Ltd., so I can meet it often. I plan on driving in the long run as there is no better job where you can do what you love!

The situation is still strange, many people look, and wonder. Nevertheless, they are very kind to me everywhere on the train, wherever I travel in the country!

My message to those who are dreaming of becoming a train driver is that there is a lot to learn for it, but they should never give up on their dreams! I couldn t be happier! ”


We could not add more ourselves than to encourage all potential applicants, regardless of gender, not to hesitate or give up on the first difficulty if they feel like it!


In the education division, we deal with train driver training on all track networks (regional, private, national). In addition to our driver training, we provide training in many areas of the railway, such as coaching, reversing, warehousing, and simplified basic training in several jobs. The number of our partners is growing year by year, which is also due to the fact that we organize trainings with the maximum consideration of their needs, we select the instructors for the days of education and exams.

In the fall of 2021, the division moved to a new location on the third floor of the Lurdy House, where we are waiting for our future and old colleagues, our Partners, in a modern environment. Additional development goals have been set, such as the acquisition of a simulator. On our website ( we are constantly updating the list of our current trainings, which you can find under the menu item "our news".


MÁV-REC Railway Engineering Corporation Ltd.