New dairy factory was handed over in Törökszentmiklós


Szenttamás Dairy, equipped with the latest smart systems, promises „peace time” flavors in a modern robe


Törökszentmiklósi Mezőgazdaság LTD has applied for and won the Enterprise Support Program announced by the Ministry of Finance for the establishment of a new, innovative dairy factory in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county, which is particularly important for investments.


The official handover ceremony of the Szenttamási Dairy, built from a 2.4 billion HUF subsidized investment, took place on 22 February 2022 in the picturesque Szenttamás Puszta in Törökszentmiklós. Secretary of State Mr. Balázs Rákossy also took part in the event, saying: “The company has set up a new, modern dairy factory with the help of the program. The government provided 2.4 billion HUF to support for the development, worth nearly 5 billion HUF. The company is the flagship of the LAC group of companies, which has become the largest agricultural company in the region, building on the traditions of the Kunság region. The factory handed over today contributes to the expansion of the company’s capacity, and with this it can strengthen its position in the market, and more and more Hungarians can get high-quality milk from Törökszentmiklós.”


Mr. László Horváth, the owner of the investor and operator TM LTD mentioned that the automated machines process the milk, so the high-quality Hungarian milk and milk product is delivered to the end user without the touch of a human hand.


After the festive speeches, the audience attending the event was toured around the dairy’s production lines.


Within the framework of the development project, a complex dairy processing factory was established with a Greenfield investment. A new processing hall was built, where the technology and technological lines required for milk processing were installed. During the operations, the entire infrastructure of the processing factory was built.


It is planned that the dairy will process 30,000 litres of cow’s milk a day, 10-11 million litres a year. In the first phase of the operation, the company intends to process 15,000 litres of milk produced by its own Holstein Friesian herd.


According to the representatives of the dairy, high-nutrition products are produced from excellent raw materials, free of traditional, artificial additives, based on old recipes that can be easily combined with modern technological processes.


During the implementation of the investment, we decided to produce our own branded dairy products, which is called „Szenttamási Tej”. The products include all dairy products. We would like to produce high-nutrition products from excellent raw materials, free of traditional, artificial additives, based on old recipes that can be combined with new technology. That’s why our slogan is "Tastes of peace times, in a new robe."


For the time being, Szenttamási dairy products can be purchased at the Szenttamási Sample Shop in the Szolnok market place, and at several grocery stores in the area. In addition to the regional store network, two large retailers distribute the products in Békés and Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok counties. According to preliminary expectations, the products will soon be available in the store network of Pest county.


The main aim of the company is to produce high-quality, controlled Hungarian food and to contribute to the population retention capacity of the region and to strengthen its connection to the work-based society by implementing the investment.


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