Change of Managing Director at MÁV-REC

Mr. Norbert Bóta stepped down as MÁV-REC Ltd.’s managing director as of 15 September, 2020. Mr. Norbert Csomós is going to take over the role of managing director from 16 September 2020 who was the head of waste management division for 7 years following the formation of the company. Since the beginning of 2020, he is also the development director of the high-priority Záhony project.

The resigning director contributed to the formation of a stable industrial and logistics service company and expanded the company’s service areas. From 2002 as technical and division manager and from 2008 as the managing director, he established the company’s container railway fleet of 200 carriages, and he also launched a training area to serve the heavy rail-based freight needs of motorway construction. He also extended the pallet inspection activity to the two main pallet organizations operating the open exchange system (EUR, EPAL). In addition, Mr. Norbert Bóta had a leading role in building up and continuously developing the industrial railway freight forwarding division of MÁV-REC, extending the number of waste management sites which is the core of the business and by technically managing high-volume projects. Mr. Bóta will continue to support the successful operation of the company as the chairman of the Supervisory Board.


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