The appointment of the vice president of L.A.C. Holding Ltd. as CDO

In addition to the constantly experienced digitization trends, there is a need for a role in the top management of the company, who based on the company s strategy, thoroughly understands the models of the business areas as well as digital and data asset utilization technology, and unites the organizations and different organizational units. This position is the Chief Digital Officer (CDO). A CDO is a business leader who creates and executes analytics and data strategies to drive business benefit. Its main task is to create and implement strategies and visions that ensure the high-quality use of available data assets for the company s more efficient operation. In Hungary, the importance of this position is still in its infancy, so it is present in relatively few companies. L.A.C. Holding Ltd and its corporate groups always strive to keep up with development and innovation, both domestically and internationally. In this case as well, the managers of the Holding quickly recognized the importance of this role, and therefore appointed Renáta Horváth, Vice President of L.A.C. Holding Ltd., in October 2022. to the position of CDO. Our vice president has been performing these types of analytical activities up until now, in close cooperation with the IT and controlling team of the Holding.

Congratulations on the appointment and we wish you success in your work in the myriad of ​​challenges!


L.A.C. Holding management